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Hot swapping has never been a strong point for BSD.
Basically they think, "hot swapping" means, flip a
mechanical switch, remove the device. They DON'T
think like a USB device; which is "plug in and pull"
- at will.

In the Linux world, there is an army of people that
attack problems like this 'ad hoc'. The BSD
community is far too formal to get it done in
any reasonable time frame.

In the Linux world, there are a host of "post-boot"
solutions, such as systemd, busd, etc. They all
generally trap an event, be it real (such as an IRQ),
network, program, or user.  This is usually
leverage by /proc, dmesg or similar.

Hope this helps.
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The FreeBSD USB kernel side stack does not know during boot if a driver will be loaded by devd for the given configuration or not. So it doesn't switch it to see if a driver attaches! There are already a couple of checks to switch to non-default configurations, and possibly these can be extended.

What you want to do is to add a quirk for your device to sys/dev/usb/quirk/usb_quirk.c named "UQ_CFG_INDEX_1". Maybe Linux has this quirk already, I don't know.

There exist a couple of USB protocols defined by USB.org, which everyone can use free of royalty, like CDC-ethernet and NCM. Because some big IT vendors out there don't support these protocols out of the box, they are sometimes considered as secondary USB protocols, and left in the non-default configuration. Instead the device manufacturers implement MS's RNDIS as the first choice typically.

Can you send a complete dump of your device's configuration descriptors:

usbconfig -d X.Y dump_device_desc dump_all_config_desc

And also check that your "/etc/devd/usb.conf" is up to date!

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