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I can't say whether the psm flags are really still required. At some point in
the past 4+ years I have had my T520 I was having an issue with the mouse
freezing on resume. I was aware of the psm(4) flags that would force a reset as
well as tickle the ThinkPoint(TM) itself and put it into loader.conf where it
remains. It worked and my problems were gone. This was probably on FreeBSD8.

I am running moused, no longer using hald (for X) and that has been the case
for a while.

I run with the touchpad off and have not tried enabling Synaptics support and
then disabling the pad. That might work just fine. At least in the past I was
unable to get a proper three button mouse unless I disabled it (plus I keep
inadvertently moving the pointer and clicking things when it is enabled). If
enabling Synaptics support and using it to disable the pad keeps the
three-button working correctly and the pad, itself, dead, that would be fine.

I agree that this is almost certainly a psm(4) bug, but I am nowhere near to
being conversant enough with FreeBSD drivers to try debugging it myself. Last
drivers I wrote were in assembly language for VMS. Wrote several of these
including some really weird ones.

I'll post an update when I have tried this.

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