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The device is very special in that it uses an interrupt type of endpoint for receiving the data.

      Endpoint 1
         bLength = 0x0007
         bDescriptorType = 0x0005
         bEndpointAddress = 0x0084  <IN>
         bmAttributes = 0x0003  <INTERRUPT>
         wMaxPacketSize = 0x003f
         bInterval = 0x0002
         bRefresh = 0x0000
         bSynchAddress = 0x0000

In umodem.c you might want to change the USB matching filter to accept interrupt endpoints:

        [UMODEM_BULK_RD] = {
                .type = UE_BULK, // change this to UE_BULK_INTR
                .endpoint = UE_ADDR_ANY,
                .direction = UE_DIR_RX,

This change will break other modem drivers, but at least it will give some clues if it works or not.

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