Sorry for the cross post, but I'm not sure were this should land.
I posted on https://forums.freebsd.org/threads/56211/ and it was suggested that I ask here.

I'm having problems trying to get my host to recognize a USB FTDI RS-485 serial port on an Olimex ARM A20 Lime host.

To be clear, this is not a "I need to connect to the host console port" problem, that is done and works.

I'm trying to use the RS-485 port to talk to Modbus devices with a custom application.

    The FTDI device has been tested on other hosts, and it works.
When I use the same device on this host running Linux, it works just fine.

When I insert the FTDI RS-485 device (or any other FTDI or Prolific serial device) into the FreeBSD host USB connector with hw.usb.ehci.debug = 1 I get:

        ehci_roothub_exec: ehci after reset, status=0x00001801
        ehci_disown: index=1 lowspeed=0

    and then the port is unresponsive to any device plug events afterwards.

I used svn.head -r 298609 and crochet w/ a derived version of cubieboard2 board profile and the ALLWINNER kernel. I've tried the Olimex DTBs that get built from that profile, but the cubieboard2 DTB is the only one that gets me to a login prompt, which isn't 100%, so I ran down the "build a DTB" road. I've successfully created a DTB, using gnu/dts/arm/sun7i-a20-olinuxino-lime.dts, but commenting out the usb otg port (I won't be using that port anyway) vbus detect pin configuration that causes the kernel to panic on boot, which gets me mmm... about 98% I'd say of what I think is a correct DTB for this host platform.

Can anybody clue me into what is happening when I plug in the USB serial device, and how to deal with it ?

Any help with this would be appreciated !
Without any suggestions, I'm at the end of the road, and I'll have to go back to Linux, which I'd rather not do.

TIA, regards

Neal Horman

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