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ehci_disown() means that there should be a full speed controller that should
handle the device, because it is not high-speed. Does your board have
OHCI/UHCI or only EHCI? How are the USB parts wired. Is there a High-Speed TT
(USB HUB chip) connected to the EHCI port?
The A20 SoC has an OHCI controller but the ALLWINNER kernel is missing the
ohci driver. There is a patch for review here: https://reviews.freebsd.org/D5481


    Thanks for pointing me to the patch, that was very helpful.

I can report that I was able to apply the D5481 patch to svn.head revision 298609 after changing the kernel conf A20 patched file name to ALLWINNER.
    The kernel built without errors.
I installed the kernel, and the ohci driver appears to attach and work correctly with my FTDI devices.

Overall, I'd like to see this committed because it appears to be functional. Although, I wouldn't / don't expect to have to include the "device ohci" and "device generic_ohc" drivers for the kernel to work correctly on the platform.
    It just doesn't make sense in my mind and doesn't feel right.

    Thanks for the work that your doing on the Allwinner SOCs !

Neal Horman

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