--- Comment #2 from Doug <> ---
Not sure I want to just blindly copy the entire 10.2 USB subsystem inside a
10.3 tree.  Even if it works, it doesn't tell me much other than someone hosed
the 10.3 USB subsystem....which is pretty much what I know already.  This is
not a hardware fault.  Therefore it must be a software problem.

In any case, the original 10.2 tree was deleted during the upgrade so I'd have
to seek out that source and build a custom 10.3 kernel with the USB subsystem
replaced with 10.2 stuff.  Not work I have time for at the moment, but I will
put it on my list.

I'd rather play around with debug level and attach the relevant logs if you or
someone else can provide guidance with respect to the debug level desired /

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