On 07/22/16 19:16, Karl Denninger wrote:
What do you think about my screwing with the driver to provide a
modest-sized dynamic stack that would use the sysctl interface to
add/delete vendor/product pairs for this purpose?  With a modest but
reasonable limit this then becomes something that can be used in a
production environment since you probably would have a modest number of
these devices on USB for any particular individual system and now you
don't have to futz with the kernel to add/remove them.

I implemented an application read/write piece to a ugen-attached device
but it would have been nice to be able to poke this instead via such a
"hook"; if I write it and submit it as a PR what do people think about
its odds of being committed?


It has been suggested to extend the quirks subsystem, to be able to add custom attach / detach rules to central USB device drivers.

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