On 05/22/17 14:09, Hans Petter Selasky wrote:
On 05/11/17 11:02, Matthias Apitz wrote:
root@c720-r314251:~ # /usr/local/sbin/pcscd --debug --foreground
00000000 pcscdaemon.c:346:main() pcscd set to foreground with debug send to stdout 00000550 configfile.l:358:DBGetReaderList() Parsing conf file: /usr/local/etc/reader.conf.d
00000049 pcscdaemon.c:655:main() pcsc-lite 1.8.20 daemon ready.

i.e. the line about hotplug_libusb.c:440:HPEstablishUSBNotifications()
does not show up; and a truss shows that is is doing/waiting on
something on a dev; it is very slow doing some ioctls:

openat(AT_FDCWD,"/dev/usbctl",O_RDONLY,00)     = 11 (0xb)
ioctl(11,USB_READ_DIR,0xdfdfcb38)         = 0 (0x0)
openat(AT_FDCWD,"/dev/ugen1.1",O_RDWR,00)     = 12 (0xc)
ioctl(12,USB_GET_PLUGTIME,0xdfdfcb1c)         = 0 (0x0)
ioctl(12,USB_GET_DEVICE_DESC,0xdfdfcb20)     = 0 (0x0)
ioctl(12,USB_GET_DEVICEINFO,0xdfdfccb0)         = 0 (0x0)


Did you try this device with another real machine?

Maybe it is a bug with the Acer C720 netbook's USB controllers that someone needs to look into?

There are some debug knobs under:

sysctl -a hw.usb |grep debug

which you might turn on and compare the output from the two systems, like:

sysctl hw.usb.uhub.debug=16


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