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> Alexander,
> Thanks for your explanations. I will opt for the Omnikey 6121 Mobile USB
> and see what I can do with it. It sells for around 20 euro, shipping
> to .de included.


Since some time I'm using now the above mentioned GnuPG CCID card in the
Omnikey 6121 Mobile USB stick to held my private key for SSH and signing
of mail. This works very fine con two remaining issues:

the USB stick is sometimes not detected on power-on boot and on plug-in
into an already running FreeBSD (12-CURRENT, amd64); when it is detected
on boot or later plug-in, it is always detected; when it is not, only a
reboot solves it; this seems to be some timing issue of the FreeBSD USB
driver and I'm testing the different 'hw.usb.timings' values, to find a

due to the unreliable of 1) I can not launch the daemon /usr/local/sbin/pcscd
at boot time, because the system would hang while the daemon is trying
to get to the USB card device; so I have to launch it after boot as
'root' when the USB card device is seen (if not, I have to reboot); the
problem now is, that normaly the /usr/local/sbin/pcscd is hot-plugable,
i.e. one can withdraw the USB stick, move away from the computer and
re-attach it later again; the re-attach is seen by the daemon as I can
see in its debug messages, but the background processes gpg-agent and scdaemon
can not use the card correctly again for, for example, access to the
private key for SSH. I have to restart the /usr/local/sbin/pcscd again
after attach and all is fine.

Any hints on this?


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