On 22.05.2017 15:57, Hans Petter Selasky wrote:

> What is the occurrence rate of this IOERROR? Once per attach/detach.
 Lets try do tun dump together with dmesg...
 ERR=IOERROR and ERR=CANCELLED are correlated with disconnects, one of
these two is always at same time as disconnect.

> Did you try to connect the USB device to a different port and/or USB HUB.
 I've tried different port, but not hub (I don't have any). I've tried
other cable too.

> It might also be that the user-space driver tries to reset the device
> when it sees this error. To figure that out you'll need to enable
> debugging in the UPS software package.
 If UPS software is not running, flickering is the same. It doesn't
depend on running of UPS software (sysutils/nut, nothing fancy or

// Lev Serebryakov

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