On 09/19/17 16:22, Mike Andrews wrote:
I'm trying to get the USB console of a Cisco ASA 5506-X firewall (not terribly obscure hardware) talking to FreeBSD, and having some trouble. The relevant dmesg at probe time is:

   umodem0 on uhub7
umodem0: <Cisco Cisco USB Console, class 2/0, rev 2.00/0.00, addr 3> on usbus4
   umodem0: data interface 1, has no CM over data, has no break

...and /dev/cuaU2 is created, and I can connect to it using cu, but then nothing happens. As in, hitting enter to get a prompt just sits there. (cuaU1 and cuaU0 are a separate two-port USB serial adapter and that one works fine, it's using uftdi instead of umodem...)

The "has no CM over data" looks worrying. I attempted to add a quirk, but either it isn't working or I didn't do it right. In /boot/loader.conf I tried:


Try using usbdump to figure out what is going on.

usbdump -i usbusX -f Y -s 65536 -vvv

X and Y are the numbers in ugenX.Y printed in dmesg.

It will dump all low level communication with the firewall. Maybe it needs some special character escaping to respond, or maybe it needs to set the RTS CTS bits.


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