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If you are using multi channel audio equipment with 24-bits, try to avoid FULL-speed ones!

I have now tried every single USB connector, external and internal. None of them attaches to the EHCI bus. :( The only connector which I was not able to test is labeled "USB SSD" and has a smaller pin-grid than those other internal usb-PIN-connectors with cables to the front of the case.

I think I will now buy a PCIe USB3.0 card. Anything I should avoid? Anything you recommend? I found this: www.amazon.de/CSL-Express-Controller-SATA-Stromanschluss-Schnittstellenkarte/dp/B00OBACW0G which seems to have some VLI chip on it. I haven't found anything usable in terms of vendor/product ID or such. 4 ports may be enough, for an external USB backup HD, the soundcard, and a video device, but for ~10 EUR difference...

Well... first I want to get the 2 channel 16bit case working... then I will have a look at extending this to 5.1 (most probably 16bit, that's enough to watch action movies).


Some more ideas:

2 channel 16 bit will only work if you turn off bitperfect. The

I activated bitperfect as a test because I got the distortion and was hoping to either gain some lower-latency or at least get rid of some layers of code to rule out issues there.

lowest number of channels the device exports is 4 for playback. That means the kernel will re-format 2 channels to 4 channels always and that is done by the PCM feeder. You'll need to check that there is a filter which handle that.

You might want to install virtual_oss from ports to handle this device properly.

In the end I want 5.1 output, so if the bus speed doesn't give me this: no need to waste our time with the slow ports.


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