On Monday 22 December 2008 09:53:58 michael dürr wrote:
> Hallo,
> I updated my FreeBSD RELEASE 7.0 to RELENG_7_1 and installed the
> VIMAGE capable kernel and the vimage(8) tool from the provided
> sources at http://imunes.net/virtnet/vimage_7-20081015.tgz
> I also installed tk-8.4, quagga and xorp from the ports repos.
> In order to deploy more complex networking setups I wanted to switch
> from static routing ripv2.
> Now my question: Are there certain settings I have to perform in
> order to get ripd working? So far, I always tried to start the daemon
> by executing
> vimage v1 zebra -d
> vimage v1 ripd -d
> but both commands immediately return and nothing else happens (no
> errors, no daemon processes started). In case I call these commands
> at the host
> zebra -d
> rip -d
> everything works as expected.
> I'm sorry for this question, but is it necessary to install a special
> configured version of the quagga routing software to get things
> working?

Hi Michael,

my wild guess is that you are attempting to run multiple instances of 
quagga (i.e. zebra, ripd etc.) and that they are clashing 
on /var/run/quagga/ PF_UNIX named sockets.  My suggestion would be to 
make a separate directory for each vimage in say /tmp, and then 
make /var/run/quagga a variant symlink to those dirs.  You can do the 
same for the Quagga.conf file for which the path is hardcoded in quagga 
as well:

ln -s /tmp/$vimage_name/@ /var/run/quagga
ln -s /tmp/$vimage_name/@/boot.conf /usr/local/etc/quagga/Quagga.conf

The @ sign will be substituted with the current vimage name when 
resolving the symlink.  And don't forget to issue "vtysh -b" after 
starting your daemons if you are using the unified Quagga.conf file.

Hope this helps,

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