Hello maillist

i fetch and apply latest http://imunes.tel.fer.hr/virtnet/vimage-20081015.tgz 
patches for 7.2 i386 for testing vimage.

All according man page work done. 
Small bug: vimage -i with 1 arguments make core dumped:

# vimage -i onearg
Segmentation fault (core dumped)

and bridge cannot worked:
kldload if_bridge.ko
link_elf: symbol ifnet undefined
KLD if_bridge.ko: depends on bridgestp - not available

And i've want asking:
may i using 1 physical or vlan interface as parent for multiple vimage 
interfaces? something like
vimage -c sw1
vimage -c sw2
vimage -c sw3

vimage -i sw1,sw2,sw3 em0

Thanks for information

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