subbsd wrote:
Hello maillist

i fetch and apply latest patches for 7.2 i386 for testing vimage.

All according man page work done. Small bug: vimage -i with 1 arguments make core dumped:

# vimage -i onearg
Segmentation fault (core dumped)

and bridge cannot worked:
kldload if_bridge.ko
link_elf: symbol ifnet undefined
KLD if_bridge.ko: depends on bridgestp - not available

thankyou. will inverstigate.

BTW most work on vimage is happening in -currrent
so it may taek time to fix this..

And i've want asking:
may i using 1 physical or vlan interface as parent for multiple vimage interfaces? something like
vimage -c sw1
vimage -c sw2
vimage -c sw3

vimage -i sw1,sw2,sw3 em0


an interface can only be in one vimage at a time.

Marko uses the netgraph bridge node (ng_bridge) and netgraph ng_eiface
nodes to 'bridge' a single interface to many virtual interfaces, and
then puts different virtual interfaces in each vimage.

Hopefully he can provide you with more detailed information on how he does this.

Thanks for information

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