Nikos Vassiliadis wrote:
Julian Elischer wrote:
Peter Cornelius wrote:

The situation is that right now jail and vimage are
orthogonal (ish) however in the future,
vimage will become a set of options on jail.

Ah. SO it probably is kinda useless to try and stick a couple of jails 'inside' a vimage.

no you will be able to nest jails.
some of them may have the vimage options and some may not.

What about vimages without jails?
I can imagine some applications of VIMAGE which completely
lack user-space processing. If I recall correctly a jail
exists as far there is at least one process associated with
it. Would that be feasible?
Having a vimage with no processes?

Jails will be able to exist without processes, and in fact with nothing
more than a vimage attached.  But much of vimage only makes sense in
conjunction with processes - a process attached to a vimage can see that
vimage's network interfaces.  There are still things like routing that
work independent of processes I suppose, but it seems to me much what a
vimage does is provide the network stack to the processes it's tied to.

- Jamie
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