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I've tried to compile a new kernel once again after updating src, this time it bombs out during the build process.


yes, we are aware of that one and the patch is easy and both Marko and
I have it but the commit, that introduced this compile time regression
for VIMAGE, also introduced a regression for the !VIMAGE &&
!VIMAGE_GLOBALS case that we are currently trying to indentify.

Here's the patch you want to apply (pasted in) to make things compile again.

Index: sys/netinet/in.c
--- sys/netinet/in.c    (revision 192250)
+++ sys/netinet/in.c    (working copy)
@@ -814,6 +814,7 @@
 in_ifinit(struct ifnet *ifp, struct in_ifaddr *ia, struct sockaddr_in *sin,
     int scrub)
+       INIT_VNET_NET(ifp->if_vnet);
        register u_long i = ntohl(sin->sin_addr.s_addr);
        struct sockaddr_in oldaddr;
@@ -1007,6 +1008,7 @@
 static int
 in_scrubprefix(struct in_ifaddr *target)
+       INIT_VNET_NET(curvnet);
        struct in_ifaddr *ia;
        struct in_addr prefix, mask, p;


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