it's not Vimage vs Jails
Vimage as part of Jails.

Peter Cornelius wrote:
Hi there,

I just see the vimage changes going into RELENG_8 and I now am
getting my hands dirty, finally. So thanks to all involved.

Just to get my head around this the right way, I understand that
there is no plan to merge vimage and jail into a single jail
utility, right?

Actually it IS now all one utility...
Add the 'vnet' option to jail to get it to create a new vnet withthe jail, otherwise it acts as before.

I may want a large number of vimages "w/o" jails, or at least a
number of jails "inside" a couple of vimages (reason being the
default route issue raised a while ago).

can you expand on that?

example comand lines include:
jail -c host.hostname=test path=/ vnet command=/bin/tcsh
( make a jail with the same root as normal but with a separate
network stack.)

jail -c host.hostname=test path=/ vnet children.max=4 \
(same as above, excep the jail made is in turn able to make
up to 4 child jails

Thanks again, and

All the best,



PS. I see a couple of lock order reversals on RELENG_8 which I
would like to report if the build currently running did not address
them -- do we prefer them to a mailing list or to gnats?

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