Pierre Guinoiseau wrote:

Julian Elischer wrote:
it's not Vimage vs Jails
Vimage as part of Jails.

Peter Cornelius wrote:
Hi there,

I just see the vimage changes going into RELENG_8 and I now am
getting my hands dirty, finally. So thanks to all involved.

Just to get my head around this the right way, I understand that
there is no plan to merge vimage and jail into a single jail
utility, right?
Actually it IS now all one utility...
Add the 'vnet' option to jail to get it to create a new vnet withthe
jail, otherwise it acts as before.

I may want a large number of vimages "w/o" jails, or at least a
number of jails "inside" a couple of vimages (reason being the
default route issue raised a while ago).
can you expand on that?

example comand lines include:
jail -c host.hostname=test path=/ vnet command=/bin/tcsh
( make a jail with the same root as normal but with a separate
network stack.)

jail -c host.hostname=test path=/ vnet children.max=4 \
(same as above, excep the jail made is in turn able to make
up to 4 child jails

BTW, when will we be able to set those new parameters in rc.conf? The
current jails rc script still uses the old way for setting up (or maybe
did I missed something?), so it doesn't allow to add those new
parameters. :( It may be a desirable feature for 8.0-RELEASE I think.

The 8.0  vimage/vnet feature is a "feature test" facility.
it allows you to test it out but no-one in their right mind
would tell you to use it in production.

It's been some time since I used the rc.conf method of starting jails so I can't speak to how much change would be required.
possibly just the addition of "jail_xxx_extra_params".

I forgot to mention the ifconfig vnet additions too, to allow an interface to be assigned to a particular jail.

Thanks again, and

All the best,



PS. I see a couple of lock order reversals on RELENG_8 which I
would like to report if the build currently running did not address
them -- do we prefer them to a mailing list or to gnats?

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