Julian Elischer wrote:

> note the group permissions.

I rebuilt to 8_RELENG and permissions on /dev/kmem default to 540. Netstat
works in the virtual jail, and I did not have a route to a gateway on the
jail's subnet assigned to ngeth0. Adding a route to the gateway on the
physical ethernet interface allowed me to add a default route in the jail.

> ?? why a link address?

I was afraid the netgraph bridge wouldn't associate the IP address to the
physical interface's MAC. I see ng does have arplikeness built-in ;)

I sincerely appreciate all of the help, Julian. I am very excited about 8.0 -
stack smashing protection, virtualization, trustedbsd. It's a great OS. You
mentioned that netgraph is mostly used by higher level applications -
commercial apps? What products use netgraph? 

I will contribute my inernal doc on virtualizing a FreeBSD server with
netgraph when everything stabilizes. I have a technical writer available to
edit my internal documentation, and I can release the docs under a BSD license.
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