the link http://people.freebsd.org/~eri/pf45_1.diff has the patch for
pf(4) as of OpenBSD 4.5 version.
The patch is against HEAD.
After OpenBSD 4.5 the syntax has changed and this is the reason for
such an 'old' version patch.

After importing this one the work will go on the newest version and
decisions on it will than be done.

Be aware that this patch has even support for VIMAGE/VNET.
It will enable you to run pf(4) with[in] jails+vnets or just vnets
themselves with separate rulesets
and policies.
pfsync(4) can be loaded as a module also with this patch.

Feedback on the VIMAGE enabled kernels is very welcome.


P.S. keep me CC'd since i am not on this list.
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