Hi all,

I have been trying to get phpVirtualBox with virtualbox-ose (not legacy)
running on one of my servers.  Here are the issues I am currently having:

1) The vboxwebsrv daemon will not start with the rc.d script included with
the virtualbox-ose port.  When building this port I configured it with
webservices, dbus, vnc, and guestadditions.  I can start the vboxwebsrv
server directly, by running it as a user, however, it just refuses to run
when initiated from rc.d.  I have added the proper kernel module to my
loader.conf, and have added the vboxwebsrv_enable to my rc.conf.  There are
no errors generated when looking at dmesg when launching with the init

Are there any known bugs with this rc script?  Some google searches have
brought up prior problems, but all seems to have been patched with the
version 4 release of Virtual Box.

2) When running the vboxwebsrv daemon as a user, I can not establish a
connection.  I just get an error message with the following text:

    [message:protected] => Error logging in or connecting to vboxwebsrv.
    [string:Exception:private] =>
    [code:protected] => 64
    [file:protected] => /usr/local/www/phpvirtualbox/lib/vboxconnector.php
    [line:protected] => 113
    [trace:Exception:private] => Array

The user account information is set up correctly in config.php (it is
running as vboxusers).  There are no errors being printed to the
screen by the server during the connection process.  I have even tried
the password recovery, but it does the same thing.  This could be
related to the previous problem... but I am not sure.  Does anyone
have any insight as to what is wrong here?

This is running on a 8.2-Current install, with the latest ports tree
(synced on 5/30).


Brent Kolasinski

Network Administrator
CUIR Tech Center
University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee
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