how is the state of USB2.0 on the Virtual Box port?

Known facts:

For other OSes to use USB2.0 one has to install an extension to make use
of it, and this extension is not offered for FreeBSD.

There has been a posting a while ago from H.P.Selasky (hopefully spelled
correctly) implementing USB2 on the FreeBSD-port of vbox.

Some testing gave partially working devices on windows guest running in
a vbox from short after the mentioned posting using FreeBSD as host. The
device showed up but was not usable for transmissions.


Is the USB code meant to replace the missing extension from Sun/Oracle?

Does the code from H.P.Selasky implement so called "high speed"
transmision at 480Mbps, too?

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Marc Santhoff <m.santh...@web.de>

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