I'm running into a problem. I did a fresh checkout of 'bhyve' branch
from svn and followed the instruction here:


In my /boot/loader.conf I have:


and dmesg says:

real memory  = 8589934592 (8192 MB)
avail memory = 5643694080 (5382 MB)

When I try to start a VM I get this error:

(19:46) novel@kloomba:~/bhyve/vm1 %> sudo ./vmrun.sh -m 256 vm1
Launching virtual machine "vm1" with 256MB memory below 4GB and 2048MB memory 
above 4GB ...
vm_setup_memory(highmem): Cannot allocate memory
(19:46) novel@kloomba:~/bhyve/vm1 %> 

This page:


describes that reloading 'vmm' would help, but doing it changes nothing.

Any ideas what's wrong with that? Also, I am curious, what do these
numbers mean:

"256MB memory below 4GB and 2048MB memory above 4GB". I get that 256 is
the amount of mem to give to VM, but what do 4GB and 2048MB stand for?


Roman Bogorodskiy

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