Peter Grehan wrote:

> Hi Roman,
> > I have managed to boot a VM.
>   Great !
> > The 4GB thing is hardcoded in the script:
>   The bhyve memory parameters mirror standard PC architecture. RAM is 
> usually contiguous below 4GB, with the region from top-of-RAM to 4GB 
> reserved for PCI memory-mapped i/o space. Additional RAM is usually 
> contiguous and starts from 4GB.

Yeah, but I'd like to leave more memory for the host system, so I
specified 6GB. I have 8GB at all, so 2GB left for VMs.
Should it cause any problems?

BTW, I encountered a problem with the tap0 device. I create a tap device
and assign an address to it, using 'ifconfig tap0 up'.

I boot a VM and everything goes fine. When I do 'reboot' in the guest,
it reboots, but tap0 on the host goes down and its address is dropped.
Is that an expected behaviour?

Roman Bogorodskiy

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