On 1/2/13 2:28 PM, Peter Grehan wrote:
Hi Alfred,

Well... :)

1) When will the code be merged into HEAD?

We'd like to do that asap, though folk would have to be fine with it being considered experimental, and that there would still be work going on up to the 10 freeze (e.g. man pages, perf improvements etc), and also beyond that.

At this point we probably should have it in the system, it's pretty well baked and getting it committed would be the best way to get more testers before 10.x.

While the directions you and the rest of the bhyve developers put together were clear, comprehensive and well written... they still are a bit daunting for your average user, so getting it into the base will enable a much wider test base.

2) Can the kernel or loader auto detected the bhyve environment and
loaded the drivers...
...Either that or just add them to GENERIC for the time being.

 Should be added to GENERIC shortly.


Missed the window for 9.1 :(

9.2 should be pretty soon so no worries.


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