I only have 1 really fast machine, so I've decided to give bhyve a whirl and try to do -stable development inside of a bhyve instance.

The problem I'm having is that:
1) the 9.1-RELEASE image does not seem to boot because it can not mount the rootfs (iso). I think this may be due to missing virtualization modules. 2) building release iso from 9-stable, while it has the klds needed, the image seems to causes the hypervisor to exit.

I feel as if I'm missing something? Maybe I need a special client kernel? Maybe I need to patch my guest sources?

How can I get a 9.1-stable instance running?

I've attached the log from attempting to boot a 9-stable iso. Any tips on this?

The "10.x" image provided on Neel's www dir -> http://people.freebsd.org/~neel/bhyve/new/release.iso works provided I run this in loader:
load virtio
load virtio_pci
load virtio_blk
load if_vtnet
set kern.hz="100"
set hw.pci.enable_msix="0"
set hw.pci.honor_msi_blacklist="0"
set bootverbose="1"

I'm just wondering if I can run -stable somehow under bhyve.

thank you,

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