On 9/26/13 4:16 PM, Peter Grehan wrote:
Hi Julian,

If CPUs are mapped around, how are IPIs handled? I assume they must be

For bhyve, if the target vCPU of an IPI is running, a null IPI is sent on the host to force it to exit so the IPI can be injected (vmm.c:vm_interrupt_hostcpu()).

If the target is asleep due to being idle, it is woken up. And, if the target is running but not in vCPU context, an interrupt is queued up so it will be injected on the next vmenter (subject to the emulated local APIC interrupt priority)

Does anyone know if BHyVe or HyperV also have this problem?

Hmmm, hard to say. Would you be able to try your workload out on a bhyve system ?
possibly in a few weeks..  I'll try remember when the time is right.



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