Op 10 okt. 2013 om 19:00 heeft Peter Grehan <gre...@freebsd.org> het volgende 

> Hi,
>> I'm trying to test bhyve on this testsystem I have.
>> But is does not create /dev/vmm
>> Is this because this processor does not support the right set of features?
> The bhyve code in 10.0 is Intel-only.
> If you're willing to build FreeBSD from source, there is a project branch 
> with AMD SVM support at:
>  http://svnweb.freebsd.org/base/projects/bhyve_svm/

Ah, oké, building is no problem. 
I've been doing that ever since 1.0. :)

Is it just de vmm driver, or is there a lot more?


> > AMD Phenom(tm) II X6 1075T
> I have one of these - the project branch works fine with this CPU model.
> later,
> Peter.
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