On Thu, Nov 28, 2013 at 9:32 AM, Gyrd Thane Lange

> Den 27. nov. 2013 21:50, skrev Michael Dexter:
>  On 11/27/13 6:12 AM, Gyrd Thane Lange wrote:
>>> I appears the AMD patches for the vmm module have not made it to CURRENT
>>> yet. Would it be easy to prepare a patch-set? Or give me some hints on
>>> how to do it myself?
>> Correct. Did you try one of the SVM snapshots linked at bhyve.org or
>> build a bhyve-svm project branch yourself?
> This is my main machine at home that is in continual use for everything,
> so I'm hoping to avoid changing to a different branch. But I can briefly
> try dual booting with a spare disk containing the project branch to find
> out if my machine supports bhyve at all.
> To clarify: I'm already aware of the bhyve-svm project branch, but rather
> than run the full branch I'm hoping for some insight into which commits (in
> the branch) are essential in running bhyve on AMD.
> Gyrd ^_^
For what it is worth, I have many AMD cpu's and I am waiting to do more
testing when amd-svm hits the HEAD branch... I test so many patches, that
running a separate project branch is complex.

are we close to merging svm to HEAD?

Sam Fourman Jr.
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