Thanks for the response Michael! I understand now. Just wanted to let you know 
that Hyper-V Gen2 VMs do not have a virtual FDD. Not that we have FreeBSD 
supported on it yet but the scenarios you describe may not work on Gen2 FreeBSD 
virtual machines today. Thanks again for the feedback.


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Hello Abhishek,

On 11/11/13 11:37 AM, Abhishek Gupta (LIS) wrote:
> Thanks so much for replying. Some follow up questions:
> a) Is it not possible to use an ISO file to do the BIOS updates?

I have not.

> b) I did not quite understand your second comment on why PCI pass 
> through may promote floppy disk use. Please could you elaborate a bit 
> more?

The scenario I see the most is a virtualized (HyperV, VMware etc.) FreeNAS 
guest to which you pass a PCIe storage controller card to so that ZFS is given 
"bare metal" access to hardware disks yet has the benefit of the fast internal 
backplane if you will for networking, rather than going over copper or optical 
network interfaces.

Because the FreeNAS guest may be one among many, it would not be desirable to 
reboot the whole system and boot to a floppy to apply a BIOS update to a PCIe 
controller card. Again, I have not tried anything like this but it is a 
possible use case of what you describe. Also mind you I never want to see 
another floppy-based BIOS again but they are still out there.

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