Bruno Lauzé wrote:

Using jails, customers are uncomfortable with the fact documents can be 
accessed from the host with root access.Project VPS seems to isolate more the 
guest from the host but not as well as an hypervisor like bhyve. With an 
hypervisor what the client have is private, as long as the host can manage the 
disk, delete it,  but the information is kept private from the host.
Any suggestions how to offer jail, vps, or anything containers techniques with 
total file system isolation from the host, or the only way is to go hypervisor, 
with the performance and instances count penalty that goes with it?             

There is the same problem with all hypervisors. Nothing prevents hypervisor admin to do a snapshot image and mount it as another disk to other OS and access the data. So nothing is private at this virtualisation level. (without encrypted disks)

Miroslav Lachman
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