> since I think bHyve can export a socket for debugger control, I'm
> surprised it cant' export a socket for the serial console.. a bit like
> dcons.. In fact I'd like to see dcons work with bhyve..
> it would be neat to implement a version of the dcons code that used a
> signal instead of polling..
> also it'd be nice it the gdb remote could access the machine's memory
> without VM co-operation.

Looking at the options available in RC4, I do not see anything in the usage
statement or the man page on this.  Since PetiteCloud (the bhyve front end
I'm working on) is designed to work specifically with 10-RELEASE (whenever
that is) we have not incorporated anything from bhyve-grub or head/ yet.
Once the plans for what is 10 and what is not are 100% final we will update
our support.   If there is a management socket, you're right it would be a
good solution.   A better long term solution would be something like VNC
(the idea last summer of including mouse/keyboard integration is incomplete
for the remote access case of non-command line OS's)...

As for the idea of allowing host access to the VM's memory without VM
cooperation, why do you want that?  Security wise it would be very risky.

P.S. ports/185362 and ports/185361 (PetiteCloud and the unit testing
framework it uses) need to be committed.  Can someone please do this?

Aryeh M. Friedman, Lead Developer, http://www.PetiteCloud.org
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