Hi Sergey,

> On Jan 21, 2014, at 1:27 AM, Sergey Matveychuk <s...@semmy.ru> wrote:
> 21.01.2014 8:56, Neel Natu пишет:
>> I suspect that this is because the function number of the virtual PCI
>> device and the physical PCI device are different.
>> Could you try to use the following instead: -s 2:1,passthru,3/0/1
> Thank you. It works.
> I've tried 3:1,passthru,3/0/1 but it does not work. What rules for a slot 
> number to choose?

It depends on the PCI function that you are passing to the guest.

For some, e.g. Intel e1000, it does not matter. You can have it appear on a 
completely different function number in the guest as compared to the host.

For others, e.g. bge, as you discovered, the function numbers in the guest and 
host have to match.

Also, PCI requires that for a multi-function device, function 0 must be 
present. So, it is not possible to assign a device to a function > 0 without 
also having some device present at function 0.

Hope that helps.


>> Alternatively you could try assigning the physical PCI device 3/0/0:
>> -s 3:0,passthru,3/0/0
> 3/0/0 is a first network card. I'd like to leave it for the host system.
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