2014/1/22 Takuya ASADA <s...@dokukino.com>

> Append results using bhyyve-scripts.
> * CentOS 6.5 with bhyve-scripts
> Dies at same place: Unknown WRMSR code 391, val 2000000f, cpu 0
This issue was resolved by back-porting -CURRENT patch:

svn co svn://svn.freebsd.org/base/head
cd head
svn diff -r259634:r259635 > ~/msr.diff
cd /usr/src
patch -p0 < ~/msr.diff
cd usr.sbin/bhyve
make install

Then CentOS 6.5 worked on my machine without any problems.

Since we modified source code maybe we should not call it "worked on
10.0-RELEASE", actually it's good for temporally workaround.
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