Is there any interest in supporting more "legacy" setups via bhyve?  In 
particular, I'd like to take a whack at improving the PCI INTx support, but 
that can involve several things such as possibly implementing 8259A support 
and a PCI interrupt router vs always assuming that we have APICs.  If we do 
want to support a more legacy route, is there interest in supporting a BIOS 
interface in the VM?  I know that one option is to go grab a BIOS ROM from 
something like qemu, but another option is to have the real-mode IDT vector to 
stub routines in a very small ROM that traps to the hypervisor to implement 
BIOS requests.  OTOH, that may turn out to be rather messy.

Finally, I noticed a comment fly by about removing the need for bhyveload.  
One thing I have found useful recently is passing -H to bhyveload.  
Specifically, I can build a test kernel outside of the VM on the host and 
access it via the host0 filesystem in bhyveload so I can easily test kernels 
in the VM while still using the host as my development environment.  It would 
be nice to retain this ability in some fashion.

John Baldwin
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