After dealing with linux for the last few days the difference between it
and FreeBSD are glaring when it comes to suitability as a cloud the host OS
of a cloud node/host.   Most of these strengths come from it's
fundimentally sound design and design process.   Namely it is rock solid
because it was designed to be rock solid (linux can not say this).  This
rock solidiness is what is needed for a cloud host because it is often the
most likely point of failure in a cloud environment.

How do we best market this?   This might be just the route that FreeBSD as
a whole has been looking for to get onto the radar of Corporate America
upper management.  One way I see to start is turning
freebsd-openstack.orginto the portal we promised when we got it.
Right now the only content I
see for it is the series of tutorials I mentioned.   The only other thing I
can think of is a "logo gallery" of companies that use FreeBSD for cloud
computing like services (internally or externally) and/or provide them.
For example I think NetApp should be on the list (FNWE would be willing but
we don't think we are big enough yet to make any difference).

Any other content ideas?   Also it would be nice to know who all is using
FreeBSD for cloud computing so we can see how to populate logo gallery
(looking at the logs for I see some *VERY* big names but am
wondering why some of them have not stepped forward)

Aryeh M. Friedman, Lead Developer,
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