I am running FreeBSD 10.0-STABLE r261733 amd64 on a system with an AMD 
"Brisbane" CPU:

CPU: AMD Athlon(tm) 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 5200+ (2835.16-MHz K8-class CPU)
  Origin = "AuthenticAMD"  Id = 0x60fb2  Family = 0xf  Model = 0x6b  Stepping = 
  AMD Features=0xea500800<SYSCALL,NX,MMX+,FFXSR,RDTSCP,LM,3DNow!+,3DNow!>
  AMD Features2=0x11f<LAHF,CMP,SVM,ExtAPIC,CR8,Prefetch>

"kldload vmm" gives these kernel messages:
  amd_iommu_init: not implemented
  amdv_init: not implemented
  amdv_cleanup: not implemented
  module_register_init: MOD_LOAD (vmm, 0xffffffff80f5abf0, 0) error 6

and "# bhyveload -m 256 -d /dev/zvol/bigz/bhyvetest bhyvetest" gives:
  vm_create: Device not configured

Am I right in thinking that bhyve support for AMD processors is not yet in 

If so, is there working code for bhyve under AMD anywhere? Where? -HEAD, 
projects/bhyve_svm or somewhere else? Is it considered experimental, stable, or 
something in between? Should it work with the above processor?

Looking forward to trying bhyve on this hardware.



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