On Mar 4, 2014, at 10:11, Giovanni Mattera <giovanni.matt...@cost.it> wrote:

> Yes i test it but not work
> The CARP protocolol remain in state INIT.

That's unfortunate. If you do a packet dump do you even see the other node's 

CARP is really at the mercy of these half-baked virtual switches; if they 
refuse to pass the traffic there's not much that can be done from the 
virtualized guest's perspective. I don't know the procedure for opening a 
support case with Microsoft but if that's an option it would be nice to know 
what their response is.

I did run into this a while back on XenServer and wondered if it would be 
possible to work around it by doing a GRE tunnel between the two nodes and 
doing CARP over that, tying it all in with scripts that are called by devd 
events. I have not had time to experiment and see if you can do multicast over 
GRE tunnels though and it's probably a very bad idea.
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