Hello everybody,

My name is John, and I was interested in doing Google Summer of Code for FreeBSD this Summer. I am currently interested in writing a virtual machine execution language. A rough draft of my proposal can be found on the website for GSoC 2014 (I am not exactly sure how to get to it from the outside though, sorry), however the brief description of my project is to specify and implement a domain specific language to start a virtual machine, execute given commands, and store the results of the given command. Then, using a text comparison tool (maybe something similar to `diff'), compare the obtained output to the expected output.

I was currently thinking that this would mainly be used for doing repeated testing of software on FreeBSD running in a virtual machine, however I was interested to see if anyone had any ideas for other uses or applications for this language so that I could focus on making it as useful as possible for what people would actually be using it for, or if anyone had any other comments or suggestions?

I was also wondering if anyone would be interested in mentoring me for my project this summer?

Finally, as I am new to this mailing list, if this is not the correct place to ask this question or anything else like that please let me know so I can move my question to the correct place.

Thank you!


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