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> This isn't a bad place to ask this question.  I think a person you might
> want to talk to is Craig Rodrigues (cc'd) who has recently setup Jenkins
> with the goal of doing automated testing using virtual machines.  I'm not
> sure exactly what design he is considering, but he is the person to ask.

Last year I signed up to be a GSoC mentor, but this year I unfortunately
do not have time, so haven't done so.  Unfortunately, since I did not
sign up as a mentor, I can't view your proposal on the google-melange web site.

If you look at the following link, you can see the March 13
presentation which describes
some work I did setting up Jenkins and BHyve for continuous
integration and testing on FreeBSD:


If you look at this link, item 22:


you will see that we are trying to work at integrating Jenkins with the Kyua
framework, so that Jenkins can run Kyua, and report the results in the
Jenkins web UI.

Jenkins is used by hundreds of companies, not just in the FreeBSD world.
Kyua is gaining popularity in the FreeBSD community, and is already used by
major companies (EMC/Isilon and Spectralogic are the ones that I know of).

There are already many systems out there for doing automation,
starting/stopping VM's,
and running tests.  I'm focusing on integrating as many existing
technologies and
getting them to run under FreeBSD to put together a more modern
continuous integration and testing
pipeline for the FreeBSD project.

I cannot comment on the specifics your proposal without reading it.
However, I don't see a lot of value in coming up with a new Domain
Specific Language
for starting/stopping VM's and sending commands to VM's.  There are
already many people
doing this already with other frameworks and automation API's.  For
example, libvirt ( http://libvirt.org )
is one popular API specifically for controlling VM's.

In terms of frameworks that can send remote commands to VM's, there
are already plenty
of automation systems to choose from:  Puppet, Chef, SaltStack,
CFEngine are some examples.

Creating a new Domain Specific Language for VM control sounds like a
more academic/research exercise,
so if you can get someone to mentor you for such a project, maybe you
can target the results
of your work for publication, if that is of interest to you.

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