On 2014-05-21 6:59, Anish wrote:
Hi Willem,
Thanks for sharing your patch. I see that you have gone further than
what I have. Are you able to boot Linux with these changes?

I'm running ubuntu-{12.x,14.04} with this and I'm able to compile the linux kernel. Peter helped a lot in getting it going.

Although that is already takeing something like a week... So it is slow.
You might also need my ahci hack/patch, since linux uses a lot of flushes and there is a 'bug' in the FreeBSD end of ahci that does not really cooperate with the way ubuntu-14.04 calls it. So I've emulated a flush to a NO-OP. which then results in a panic because the ahci command-list is empty. So I 'fixed' that too, and then things run, albeit slow.

CentOS it tried at the begining, but I'm just not a RH fan, so when that was too slow, I gave up.

Give some time and I'll try and extract my ahci-hack-patch, and that is the last part that'll let you get on your way, booting linux.

I do not have a lot of time to look at this, so I'm already a few weeks stuck on speeding up the linux-kernels.
Also because I do not know enough of the inards of Linux..


Thanks and regards,

On Tue, May 20, 2014 at 2:03 PM, Willem Jan Withagen <w...@digiware.nl
<mailto:w...@digiware.nl>> wrote:

    On 15-5-2014 17:56, Anish wrote:
     > Hi Andriy,
     >  Thanks for your interest in SVM port of bhyve. I do have patch
    to sync it
     > to
    http://svnweb.freebsd.org/base?view=revision&revision=263780(3/26). If
     > patches looks good to you, we can submit it. I have been testing
    it on
     > Phenom box which lacks some of newer SVM features.

    I don't quite understand against what this patch is?

    Do I run it over head, to get SVM code into head?
    Or do I patch against bhyve_SVM, because in the later case I get
    complaints that
              fatal error: 'vlapic_priv.h' file not found

    # locate vlapic_priv.h

    So I'm guessing that is against head.
    But last time I looked at head, more than just the interrupt stuff was


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