Craig Rodrigues wrote:

> Hi,
> I am trying to configure Jenkins to spawn bhyve VM's on demand
> using libvirt.
> I did the following:
> (1)  Looked at Roman's blog article:
> (2)  Followed the libvirt configuration steps here:
> Here are the screenshots of my Jenkins setp for libvirt:
> However, after going through all that,
> when I tried to configure a job to run on the libvirt node,
> it did not start.
> Any ideas what I am doing wrong?

Hi Craig,

Some questions:

When you configure the connection in the 'Add a new Cloud' dialog, does
'test connection' work for you? I don't see a host and credentials
specified, I'm not sure if jenkins libvirt plugin works with the local

In my setup, I have specified the host and the credentials like this:

Then, the new node screen doesn't look complete as well. There, one has
to choose one of the pre-defined domains, specify its IP address and
credentials so Jenkins could ssh to it and run its agent. Also, one has
to install JDK as the agent is Java-based. As I've described in my post,
I did it using:

 pkg install java/openjdk7

command in the guest.

Here's a config of my sample node:

After that in the node page one could start the agent and if ssh
credentials and IP address of the VM are correct, the agent will
successfully start:

Then in the nodes list it should be up and ready for the builds:

Note: depending on the policy specified for node, it might be turned off
when idle so it'll be reported down in this list until when new jobs for it

Roman Bogorodskiy

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