Craig Rodrigues wrote:

> Roman,
> I am using libvirt and bhyve according to this XML:
> and it works great.
> I gave a presentation at BAFUG on this:
> I have one question.  If I reboot the bhyve VM started with libvirt
> with "shutdown -r now",
> the VM shuts down, but it does not restart.
> How can I get the machine to reboot with "shutdown -r now" when
> started with libvirt?

Hi Craig,

Unfortunately, I'm not sure how to get the reboot working. Moreover, I
get the same behaviour when starting bhyve manually -- when I do a
reboot, bhyve(8) exits as soon as the system is ready to restart.

So looks like that's a default bhyve behaviour or I'm missing something?

Roman Bogorodskiy

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