I'm trying to install Ubuntu Linux 14.10 as a guest in FreeBSD
11-CURRENT r272460 host. When I try to run grub-bhyve (version 0.23)
I see in console message: VM unrestricted guest capability required
Error in initializing VM

I've read a thread with the similar problem. As far as I understood,
this message happen when CPU doesn't have unrestricted guest
capability support (EPT).

'Unrestricted guest' is a different feature than EPT (Extended Page Tables). It allows the CPU to run in real mode and unpaged protected mode. This feature was introduced with the Westmere microarchitecture, and isn't available in your core i7 780 (aka Lynnfield, a Nehalem-based model)

grub boots Linux in unpaged 32-bit "flat" protected mode so requires unrestricted guest support.

Although bhyveload boots FreeBSD directly into 64-bit paged protected mode, secondary processors require 16-bit real mode to be spun up. This limits FreeBSD to a single CPU on any Nehalem-derived system.


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