Is that means there is no way to install Linux as guest with current 
grub-bhyve implementation and my hardware?


Thu, 02 Oct 2014 21:00:15 -0700 от Peter Grehan <>:
>> I'm trying to install Ubuntu Linux 14.10 as a guest in FreeBSD
>> 11-CURRENT r272460 host. When I try to run grub-bhyve (version 0.23)
>> I see in console message: VM unrestricted guest capability required
>> Error in initializing VM
>> I've read a thread with the similar problem. As far as I understood,
>> this message happen when CPU doesn't have unrestricted guest
>> capability support (EPT).
>  'Unrestricted guest' is a different feature than EPT (Extended Page 
>Tables). It allows the CPU to run in real mode and unpaged protected 
>mode. This feature was introduced with the Westmere microarchitecture,
>and isn't available in your core i7 780 (aka Lynnfield, a Nehalem-based 
>  grub boots Linux in unpaged 32-bit "flat" protected mode so requires 
>unrestricted guest support.
>  Although bhyveload boots FreeBSD directly into 64-bit paged protected 
>mode, secondary processors require 16-bit real mode to be spun up. This 
>limits FreeBSD to a single CPU on any Nehalem-derived system.

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