Hi all,

So I just update one of my systems to 10-STABLE r273710 ( GENERIC kernel config 
) and now all the bhyve guests are unable to connect to the network ( be it 
linux, freebsd, or openbsd ). They guests see their network interfaces fine - 
but they are unable to connect to anything. Additionally on the host, the tap 
interfaces appear to be connecting just fine. 

Everything appears fine on the host and it’s reporting no errors. The 
networking is working/performing as normal.

There has been no configuration changes. Here is the relevant networks stuff ( 
that’s been working reliably since 10-RELEASE, and is running fine on 10.1-RC2 
and -current just fine. ).

ifconfig_em0="up -txcsum”
ifconfig_igb0="up -txcsum”
cloned_interfaces="lagg0 bridge0 tap0 tap1 tap2 tap3 tap4 tap5 tap6 tap7 tap8 

ifconfig_lagg0="laggproto lacp laggport em0 laggport igb0 10.0.x.x/24”

ifconfig_bridge0="addm lagg0 addm tap0 addm tap1 addm tap2 addm tap3 addm tap4 
addm tap5 addm tap6 addm tap7 addm tap8 addm tap9”

Any one have any ideas or suggestions? I always get spooked/bothered when 
something that was working fine just sort of breaks..

cheers and thanks,

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