On 2014-10-26 18:36, Benjamin Perrault wrote:
> Hi all,
> So I just update one of my systems to 10-STABLE r273710 ( GENERIC kernel 
> config ) and now all the bhyve guests are unable to connect to the network ( 
> be it linux, freebsd, or openbsd ). They guests see their network interfaces 
> fine - but they are unable to connect to anything. Additionally on the host, 
> the tap interfaces appear to be connecting just fine. 
> Everything appears fine on the host and it’s reporting no errors. The 
> networking is working/performing as normal.
> There has been no configuration changes. Here is the relevant networks stuff 
> ( that’s been working reliably since 10-RELEASE, and is running fine on 
> 10.1-RC2 and -current just fine. ).
> =================================
> ifconfig_em0="up -txcsum”
> ifconfig_igb0="up -txcsum”
> defaultrouter=“10.0.x.x"
> cloned_interfaces="lagg0 bridge0 tap0 tap1 tap2 tap3 tap4 tap5 tap6 tap7 tap8 
> tap9”
> ifconfig_lagg0="laggproto lacp laggport em0 laggport igb0 10.0.x.x/24”
> ifconfig_bridge0="addm lagg0 addm tap0 addm tap1 addm tap2 addm tap3 addm 
> tap4 addm tap5 addm tap6 addm tap7 addm tap8 addm tap9”
> ==================================
> Any one have any ideas or suggestions? I always get spooked/bothered when 
> something that was working fine just sort of breaks..
> cheers and thanks,
> -bp
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try: ifconfig bridge0 up

and make sure your tap interfaces are up as well (sysctl
net.link.tap.up_on_open=1 is useful)

Allan Jude

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