Hi John,

I don't have access to phabricator so I'll try and review in email.

> +#ifdef XEN
> +int vm_guest = VM_GUEST_XEN;
> +#else
> +int vm_guest = VM_GUEST_NO; /* Running as virtual machine guest? */
> +#endif

The whitespace between 'int' and 'vm_guest' in the second line seems
wrong (extra space?).

For vmware_hvcall() in x86/include/vmware.h, are you sure the inline
assembly is correct? Have you tried the detection on a VMware VM?
VMware's documentation specifies the arguments in a different
order[0], and at Isilon when we tried the port-based detection in a
slightly older revision of CURRENT, it didn't work (IIRC).

Everything else looks good to me, thanks.


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