Hi Andrea,

I had some wonderfully working machines with bhyve with a plain
10.0-p4. I just upgraded to 10.1-RC3 and now the VMs won’t boot
anymore: they get just stuck with "unable to load kernel”. After some
trials and errors I think I traced it to user boot getting confused
by a ZFS partition inside the VM.

I did some experiments with set currdev and got the kernel loaded but
then the machine just hangs.

Please give me some advice :-)

 This was reported by Craig Rodrigues a while back - the email thread is at


I never got around to implementing the flag to disable ZFS boot, but you may be able to use an alternate workaround. From your manual fix:

OK set currdev=disk0p2:
OK set rootdev=disk0p2:

Env variables can be set from the bhyveload command line using "-e <env>=<value>". Now, I'm not sure that currdev and rootdev can be set that early in the boot, but it's worth a try e.g. add these:

 -e currdev="disk0p2:" -e rootdev="disk0p2:"


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